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Welcome to Prilient Technologies

Shield Your Organization With Cyber Attacks

If you have any desire to shield your organization from cyber-attacks and guarantee that your delicate information stays safe, we're here to help. We can deal with all that you really want to keep your business secured, including danger recognition and avoidance, so you can zero in on developing your business without agonizing over whether it's protected from programmers.

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We Strengthen Your Business With Cyber security

With cyber criminals becoming more sophisticated by the day, every company should be prepared with an appropriate cyber security solution. Our security services are specially designed for small businesses and other organizations that need maximum protection but cannot afford a huge price tag. Keeping your network and data secure allows you to focus on what you do best: running your business. To protect its information assets, any organization needs to have a comprehensive security strategy.

Cyber Securities Services

To understand how we are different from other cyber security services, it’s important to get a sense of our values.

Virtual CISO

Do you have an Internet-connected device? Are you connected to Wi-Fi at work or home? If so, that means you’re in cyberspace. And if you’re in cyberspace, that means there are all kinds of hackers who want your data, who can do some serious damage if they get it. Our Virtual CISO cybersecurity services help protect you from these threats.

Data Governance

One way companies stay compliant is by having a sound data governance strategy. This means that they are able to keep track of their data, where it is, who has access to it and when they have accessed it. We can help you meet your regulatory obligations by building a secure environment for your data. Coordinate with our team to learn more about our Data Governance services.

Third-Party Risk Management

Whatever information is collected, stored, and passed over digital networks must be protected. This can be handled in-house, but it’s a lot of work and doesn’t always guarantee full security. Our team has been working on these issues for years, so we know what we’re doing. We offer comprehensive solutions that will help you protect your data from outside attacks and internal threats alike.

Why Cyber Security Services?

To understand how we are different from other cyber security services, it’s important to get a sense of our values.

Safeguard Your Business Prestige

In order to develop a successful product, we must first learn everything we can about your product and your target market. In some cases, we may even conduct focus groups or surveys with your potential customers to get a sense of what they’re looking for in a new product.

Secured Environment For Remote Working

The second stage of any project is establishing a solid concept, which comes in many forms. Whether it’s a written brief or verbal discussion with your client. This will also allow you to get an idea of what your clients are looking for and what their true needs and wants

Increases Your Website or Application Security

system that can be accessed remotely. From personal files on your computer and tablet to information about your business that’s stored on servers or through cloud services. With cyber security, you can protect your own resources from these threats—and from any unauthorized user who might attempt unauthorized access.

Improves Firms Credibility

consumers are looking for ways to know that their personal information is safe. From credit card data and passwords to private medical records, people want assurance that their privacy and security will be safeguarded. In order to attract new customers or clients, many businesses have begun offering cyber security

Beware of Unauthorized Users

Hackers who want to infiltrate your network will try every trick in their book, including impersonating authorized users. It’s not just about protecting information and assets; it’s also about protecting employees and customers from fraud and identity theft.

Hire a Cyber Security Expert

How Prilient
Cyber Security Services is More Secure ?

The security of your organization is our number one priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that you will be safe from any kind of attack on your organization’s security infrastructure.

Extensive Industry Experience

In addition to our hands-on experience, we have broad industry experience and background. That means that we understand cyber security better than most—and can use it to improve yours. In fact, our years of professional experience are one of our greatest assets; they give us a huge advantage in terms of being able to help you with your security issues.

Professional Manpower

The first and most important thing we bring to your business is our security specialists. We only hire people who can be trusted to protect you from any threats that may arise. At our firm, we take great pride in having some of the best cyber security experts!

Keep up with the latest trends

By staying abreast of all things security, we can provide our clients with the services they need and are looking for. In cyber security, there is no such thing as a finished product; it’s always evolving, which means that we must evolve along with it. As a result, we stay on top of industry trends to ensure your business is protected in the best way.

Offers Expert Consulting Services

With over 20 years of experience in network security, we’ve seen it all. We provide comprehensive consulting services for both businesses and individuals, including vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

We Love to Listen to Your Requirements