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Analytics and BI Service

Make Data-driven decisions to meet your future business goals, identify problems, and reduce the risk of failure by getting our data analytics and BI service

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Make your Decision better for your business with Data Analytics and business intelligence

Data Analytics and Business intelligence is the process of evaluating your business data and BI convert this basic data into meaningful statistics or information that helps to predict future challenges, risk, trend, and opportunity. This data will helps to save upfront investment, predict future opportunities, and make better decisions.

A trusted provider of data analytics and BI solutions, Pralient uses advanced technology to analyze data and extract useful insights automatically. Our IT professionals have enough experience and knowledge in collecting useful information from multiple sources of data. Also, our experts will ensure to provide complete consistency about future growth, market trends, challenges, and human behavior.

Process we follow

We follow a simple methodology to make sure the quality of Data Analytics and BI service. Read Below!

Understand your requirement

Our team of experts carefully understand business requirement, goals, objective, and vision. Also, we analyze the market trends, data, human behavior, and competitors' strategy.

Planning or Roadmap

Now, we create a clear-cut roadmap for completing your project on a time. We also provide full transparency during the project. A roadmap helps to reduce the risk of failure.

Execution of planning

Distribute the work in the team and do time-to-time monitoring of planning, performance assessment, and actual performance. Our IT experts use advanced automation tools or techniques to improve performance.

Deliver and optimization

Now we will provide in-depth reporting of your business in the visual format with complete proof or reason. So you easily understand potential challenges, growth opportunities, and future strategies.

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Services offered by us

As a renowned IT service provider, we offer a variety of data analytics and BI services


Modern Data Warehouses

A modern data warehouse is used to store multiple sources of data on the cloud that helps to deliver better customer insights and more powerful functionalities. Our experts use a business intelligence framework, machine learning, and advanced technique to identify challenges or market trends, and predict future growth or opportunity. They will provide an in-depth report about your business.

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Big Data

Improve the chance of making a better decision after getting an in-depth understanding of the market, business, competition, and future by getting our business intelligence service. business intelligence is used to create, build, and deeply business applications. IT experts of Prilient are capable of delivering business and infrastructure applications for BI platforms, data warehousing infrastructure, and reporting frameworks.

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Data Visualization

Create a 360-degree view of data analytics reports with data visualization to understand data in a better format, save time, and make better decisions quickly. Our IT experts are capable of designing a report that is easy to understand or communicating complex reports. It allows to remove all distractions and helps to pay attention only to red flags areas.

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Data Science

Predict the future growth, opportunity, future challenges, and human behavior to meet your business goals by getting our Data Science service. Data science is used to analyze data by data scientists. Prilient offers world-class data scientists who have enough knowledge and experience in data mining, predictive modeling, and other data analytics firms.

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Benefits of Getting Data Analytics and BI

1. a Better understanding of the market

Data analytics allow you to analyze information about your business in ways that provide insight into its activities. This can give you a competitive advantage over your competitors by providing a better understanding of how customers behave, helping make smarter business decisions, and finding new opportunities.

2. Deliver Better Product

This is because the markets have found it difficult to keep pace with the increasing rate of change. With these services, you can gain an edge over your competitors by being able to get access to information that they don’t have. It gives you actionable data to use in improving your products or services.

3. Data-driven business decisions

Data Analytics and BI service can make your business decisions data-driven. You will be able to discover trends and find out what is best for your business in a timely manner. Data Analytics and BI service can also automate tasks, saving you time and money.

4. Mitigate risk and handle setbacks

Getting on top of next-gen technologies can give your business a competitive edge. Next-gen solutions such as cloud, cybersecurity and virtualization offer your business and customers new ways to work in a more efficient and flexible way. This can help you make smarter decisions based on data and analytics.

5. Improve Customer Experience

With the help of Data Analytics and Business intelligence, you can identify customer needs that help to improve your business growth. So, you can provide a great user experience, better product, and better service as they want.

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Why did you choose Prilient for Data Analytics and BI service?


Experts of prilient have more than 5 years of experience in providing Analytics, and BI services. We understand your analytics requirements. Our developers keep updated with market trends, human behavior, competition, and opportunities.


We’re known for delivering high-quality work. We’ve had 100% client satisfaction over all our projects. Our clients come back to us with their next project, which speaks volumes about how satisfied they are with our developers.


We do everything in our power to be as transparent as possible and we have no hidden fees or surprises. Our clients know exactly what they’re paying for and when, because we bill in monthly installments.

Support And Maintenance

There is nothing more frustrating for a business owner than being in need of support when their developer has moved on or changed jobs. With prilient, our team is dedicated to your success and works around the clock, 7 days a week. We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re proud of our work - that makes all the difference. Plus, our full support doesn’t stop once you launch. We can help if you need updates or just have general questions.