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Next-Gen Technologies Service

Move ahead from the competition by offering and deploying next-gen technology to the customer

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Unleash the power of your business with Next-gen technology

Next-gen technology refers to new development or new degradation in the technology. Next-gen technology and management help to improve software advancement, transform the current learning or working system, and change the lives of people in different aspects like improving performance, completing the repetitive task more effectively, and keeping them safer or wealthier or healthier.

Prilient's Next-gen technology services help an organization to keep ahead of the competition through innovation and modernization. We have experienced IT experts to develop innovative applications or solutions as per enterprises' needs. We ensure to deliver the top-notch solution in less time at minimum cost. Our experts work with full innovation, dedication, and creativity.

Our methodology for Next-gen technology

We apply a simple methodology throughout the projects that help to improve the quality of solutions. Read below!


We carefully understand your business requirement, goals, and objective. We make a clear-cut plan after analyzing the market need, data, and competitors' strategies.


Now we execute our planning and monitor is time to time. We also provide complete transparency to the customer of their project.

Usability Testing

After completing the project we apply usability testing to identify any bugs, issues or challenges. So, we can eliminate or prevent them.

Deliver and support

Now we will deliver the project to the client and provide complete support if the client wants to change any feature. Also provide complete support if any issue will come in the future.

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We offer Next-gen Technology

As a renowned IT service provider, we offer the following Next-gen technology services

AWS Amplify & AWS Lamda

AWS Amplify and AWS Lambda allow mobile and web development experts to easily and quickly develop or deploy full-stack applications on AWS. At prilient, we have verified developers who are capable of developing any application on AWS. Our developers always keep updated with advanced tools or techniques and market trends.

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Get an advantage of firebase documentation and cross-platform service that allow developers to develop and deploy applications on Android, iOS, the web C++ and Unity. Developers of prilient have enough knowledge and experience in developing applications on firebase. Firebase platform also provides analytics tracking tools, reporting, and fixing app crashes.

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Chatbot Development

Improve your customer engagement and satisfaction by providing a Chatbots facility that is used to interact with your visitors as a virtual human. Our developers have enough knowledge and hands-on experience in developing chatbots as per business needs. They keep always updated with human behavior, advanced tools, or technique.

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AI & ML Development

Get advantage of improved work efficiency, predictive performance, automate repetitive tasks, archive data, data insights, and advanced system capabilities with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our IT experts have hands-on experience in developing AI-based or ML-based solutions that enhances your business capabilities. We ensure to deliver top-notch solutions with complete privacy and security

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RPA Development

Improve work efficiency, speed, customer experience, and employee productivity and save money or time by automating repetitive tasks. RPA tools work more accurately than humans. We offer Robotic process automation-as-a-service (RPA) and ensure to deliver top-solution with complete privacy. RPA development is very essential to get a competitive edge in the market.

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Benefits of Getting Next-Gen Technologies service

1. Save Money

The next-gen technologies service will save you money in several ways.It will help cut your costs when it comes to printing materials like brochures, business cards, and pamphlets. It will also allow you to market your business on social media and online sites without having to spend hundreds of dollars a month on design services.

2. Automate your task

Next-Gen Technologies services can help you automate your task by giving you quick results. Let’s say you need to fill out a simple form. Simply click on Next-Gen Technologies and it will automatically complete your task in seconds. No more copying and pasting or waiting for someone else to get back to you.

3. improve productivity

Getting on top of next-gen technologies can give your business an edge over its competitors. Next-gen solutions such as cloud, cybersecurity, and virtualization offer your business and customers new ways to work in a more efficient and flexible way.

4. Improved Control/Torque/Accuracy

Next-Gen Technologies service is designed to enable a tighter, more accurate control over your body. Next-Gen Technologies' service can have a tremendous impact on your sport or activity of choice. Next-Gen Technologies service is also useful for situations where being larger than life may be more appropriate than being more precise.

5. Better security

As business applications migrate from on-premises data centers to cloud environments, organizations can take advantage of better security. Cloud computing providers monitor for vulnerabilities and patches.

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Why did you choose Prilient for the Next-Gen Technologies service?

Experienced Developers

We have experienced IT experts, who will ensure to deliver the top-notch solution in less time with complete transparency. Our experts work with full innovation, dedication, integrity, and creativity to meet your business expectation.

Scalability and Reliability

From serving up your site’s static files to powering your dynamic applications, our infrastructure can handle it all. We’re here for you—no matter how big you grow. When you need more capacity, we have a plan that will scale with you.

Save Money

Maybe you have a limited IT budget, or maybe it just seems smarter not to invest in a bunch of fancy hardware. Whatever your reason, no matter how small or large your company is (or if you’re managing it all yourself), every penny counts when it comes to your bottom line. Next-generation technologies are all about saving money and increasing efficiency.

Achieve Agility

By transforming your application development process into a flexible, iterative, and agile one, you will ensure that your business processes can react quickly to changes in their environment. Gone are the days of long development cycles and onerous project management regimes; let Agile methods help you become far more responsive and proactive than ever before.


Today’s consumers are looking for businesses that respect their needs and their time. One of those ways you can do that is by embracing transparency. By adding a transparent pricing structure to your website or on a landing page, you’re letting customers know what they’ll pay before they need any additional information. It gives your business an air of reliability, while also showing them that they don’t have anything to lose by working with you.