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Innovate Faster With The Speed of DevOps

DevOps is an IT development approach in which applications are built, tested, and deployed quickly. By integrating development and operations, you get better control over project scope, timelines, and risk exposure.

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Develop Business-Focused
DevOps Strategies

We support companies with the implementation of their development strategies in production environments using our DevOps developers. This is in contrast to a traditional software development lifecycle (SDLC), which leads to new features from ideation all the way through testing, release, and monitoring after launch. It facilitates the building and implementation of necessary security solutions in parallel with product launches, adding an additional layer between development and operations.

Our Process & Methodology

On-Demand as a Service (ODaaS) is an approach to deploying systems and applications on-demand, with no setup or development required. It involves a highly scalable and reliable infrastructure in which preconfigured services are deployed on-demand whenever they’re needed. This reduces overhead and increases flexibility while guaranteeing that business-critical applications are always up and running when needed. Our process and Methodology for implementing ODaaS includes:

End-to-end Analysis of Your Software Infrastructure

Our end-to-end analysis of your software infrastructure will pinpoint every issue in your development and test environments. Once we have a clear picture of what’s working well and what needs attention.

Planning For Implementation

Proper planning is essential for a successful deployment. Before beginning to write any code, it’s important to have a solid plan that identifies short-term goals and long-term strategies as well as the resources needed to achieve those goals.

Writes Code That Meets Your Need

We can write code that meets your need. We consider you as our partner during all stages of development. Our DevOps engineers help with bug fixes, maintenance work, new features, or any custom modifications to your application/software.

Deploying Code To Get Qualified Results

It is imperative that you deploy your code to production after getting feedback from testing and quality assurance. If your application requires a complex setup in terms of infrastructure, our DevOps Services would come in handy.

Monitor and Support

Monitoring and supporting a DevOps solution (while it is in production) requires specific tools to keep an eye on everything. For example, monitoring helps you collect data from your system over time and provide a status of how it is functioning.

Hire a Dedicated Developer

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to cover all your DevOps needs. You’ll get that with our professional experience and expertise in delivering complex projects at a high-efficiency rate.


Modern technology has given rise to startups that can be as innovative and efficient as established companies. But for many companies, their IT infrastructure may still be standing in their way. This is where our DevOps services come into play.


After developing and deploying a new application, you need to test it to ensure that it works as expected. You can also run tests before deploying your code to verify that you didn’t accidentally break any of your existing functionality.


Our DevOps Integration Services Help Streamline Your Workflow and Drive Business Growth. We integrate your development, QA, staging, and production environments to improve your software, web, and application delivery process.

DevOps Service

Why Do You Need DevOps Services ?

There are a number of reasons why you would want to consider our DevOps services. First, it is a great way to manage and track bugs in your system. Many companies find that when they outsource their DevOps development process, their software is much more stable and reliable. When you hand off development duties to an outside company, there are no financial or power issues to worry about. You can trust them to build exactly what you need, without worrying about ownership or internal politics getting in the way of progress.

How Prilient Has Become the
Most Reliable DevOps Provider ?

We are one of few DevOps providers that offer 24/7 monitoring, which means you will always know your system is up and running smoothly.

Innovative Culture
Innovative Culture

Any company looking to be competitive in today’s market is going to need a team of developers who can build software efficiently. Fortunately, our innovative DevOps services enable you to do just that. With an emphasis on innovation and teamwork, we provide a culture where your employees will thrive and grow with every project they take on. If you want to learn more about how we can help your business succeed, contact us today!

Onboarding Procedure
Hassle-Free Onboarding Procedure

In order to maximize success and minimize problems, DevOps teams require a comprehensive, well-defined process for onboarding new members. This includes evaluating candidates’ technical skills, assessing their cultural fit with existing teams, and setting up all of their tools before they even join. Once they start working on your team, assign them plenty of meaningful work immediately so that they can become productive faster. Then pair them with an experienced member who can mentor them through initial frustrations and struggles while showing them how things get done in your organization.

Affordable Pricing
Affordable Pricing

DevOps Services are expensive. A lot of people spend thousands of dollars on DevOps projects and have very little to show for it. At Prilient, We offer our services at an affordable price so that you can get more bang for your buck. If you want high-quality software and applications, we’ll be happy to talk with you about your upcoming project!

Qualified Team
Highly Qualified Team

Our team is highly qualified and has a strong background in IT administration, system analysis, and project management. We have an abundance of knowledge when it comes to cloud technology platforms such as AWS and Azure; we also have vast experience in dev/ops for private clouds and on-premise solutions. This combination makes us uniquely qualified to work on your projects—and ensures that you receive only high-quality results from us.

Better Collobaration

We use tools like Jira, Slack, Confluence, and HipChat to collaborate with each other. These tools help us share information across teams and build a better product for our customers. We also use GitHub for code review, Bitbucket for code management, and Jenkins for continuous integration. We try to automate as much as possible using Ansible. All of these tools help us move faster by removing bottlenecks from our process.

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