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Quality Engineering Service

Test your software and application before launch to ensure the quality, security, and user experience to meet your business goals

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In the era of the digital world, every business or customer depends on the application, chatbot, software, data, and security. Before launching any application or software anyone needs to be testing of security, user experience, performance, and reliability. Testing helps to identify bugs, challenges, and security issues so that we can prevent or eliminate issues.

Prilient is a renowned IT and development service provider which offers quality engineering service to meet your business objectives. Prilient's trusted and experienced IT professional has enough knowledge of quality testing. They ensure to provide an in-depth report of bugs, challenges, and security issues. We use proper methodology and advanced tools or techniques to deliver top-notch solutions.

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Quality Engineering services offered by us

Mobile Testing

Improve the user experience, security, performance, and quality of your mobile application to retain your customer for a long time. Mobile is an essential part of everyone. Our IT professional has enough knowledge of human behavior, market trends, competitions, and advanced tools or techniques. They also ensure to provide in-report to improve user experience, and security, and prevent bugs.

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ERP Testing

ERP testing is an essential process to make sure the quality, performance, usability, and security of ERP software or system. Our experts have hands-on experience of identifying bugs, issues, and challenges in any application. Our IT experts use advanced tools or techniques, and proper methodology to provide detailed reporting of user experience, security, and challenges.

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Game Testing

Gain a competitive edge by delivering great user experience, performance, reliability, security and robustness in the game. Errors and problems encountered during the game can result in a negative gaming experience. Our testers make sure to provide in-depth reports of all bugs, issues, and issues by using advance tools or technology.

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Big Data Testing

Make sure all the functionalities and features of big data applications are working smoothly and error-free. Our big data testing experts are capable in evaluating your application and providing in-depth reports of big data systems that make sure the system is run error-free while maintaining the privacy, performance, and user experience.

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Blockchain Testing

Reduce the change of data hacking with the help of blockchain networks or cryptography techniques. Blockchain is a new concept that stores your data in blocks. Our testers are capable of testing smart contracts, blockchain security, and other features. They use advanced technology to review codes and provide an in-depth report of bugs, or issues.

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Security Testing

Win the trust of customers by providing a secure platform, software, or application that may include some elements like integrity, authentication, authorization, confidentiality, and non-repudiation. Security testing helps to identify the threats in the solution. Our tester ensures to provide a detailed report of every potential vulnerability in the system by using advanced automation tools.

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Regression Testing

Evaluate the quality of your system or software or application after every change in the code. Regression testing helps to identify software's functionality after changing in the system. Our regression testing experts provide complete reports of bugs in order to make your system secure, reliable, and robust. We ensure a top-notch solution while maintaining your privacy and security.

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Localization Testing

Make ready your product or system as per the local market. Localization testing helps to evaluate the quality of your product or system as per the target market. Our IT experts have in-depth knowledge of human behavior, market trends, and automation tools that help to validate your product or system as per the local market.

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Functional Testing Service

Evaluate the functionality of the system or software with our functional testing service. Functional testing helps to verify the requirements of the application are working properly. Our functionality testing experts ensure to identify all the potential vulnerability issues. They have enough knowledge of market trends, automation tools, and the testing of systems.

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Usability Testing

Improve the user experience to retain your customers for a long time and convert visitors into customers. Usability testing is referred to the testing of usability issues in your application or software. Our usability testing experts have hands-on experience of analyze data, track user behavior, and identifying bugs. They keep updated with market trends, human behavior, and automation tools.

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Compatibility Testing

Unleash the potential of your system or software or application by improving customer satisfaction. Compatibility testing is used to identify problems in order to improve customer satisfaction. Our experts have enough knowledge about human behavior, various configuration tools, and multiple platforms. They ensure to provide in-depth report of compatible issues in your system.

Code Review

Improve the quality of your system by detecting vulnerability issues in the system before launch. Code review refers to reviewing your system's code. Our code review professionals have hands-on experience in detecting vulnerability issues from the code of the software. They have knowledge about various coding languages and tools or techniques to identify issues.

Performance Engineering

Fix the potential bottlenecks early in the development cycle of software. Performance engineering is used to identify bugs before you deploy your product. Our performance engineers have enough knowledge of the required automation tools, language, and techniques. They always ensure to deliver top-notch solutions while maintaining your privacy.

Top advantages of getting a Quality Engineering Service

1. Save Money

Hiring a Quality Engineering Service will allow your business to save a lot of money and will also help you in achieving many other objectives. You do not have to spend money on recruiting and training new employees every time a business project comes up.Professional advice can be very costly, especially when it comes to engineering issues.

2. Better Quality

A Quality Engineering Service will help you to produce better quality products and services at all stages of manufacturing, which is why your customers will be more satisfied with your products and services. It ensures that no matter what type of product or service you are producing, it is going to be as high in quality as possible.

3. Time-saving

Quality Engineering Service helps you to save lots of time with their expert approach. This can be a huge bonus for companies that are under tight deadlines and need to get their product out as soon as possible.

4. Better quality

A quality engineering service will perform a comprehensive, in-depth analysis on your entire production process. Testing of your software and application make it more safer, more effiecient, and more reliable. You’ll likely get suggestions for how to improve your processes that you never would have thought of on your own. This will not only result in better quality products and services—it can also save you money by improving your efficiency!

5. Better security

The number of digital services and devices that surround us only continues to grow. Because so much information is being sent over networks, IT managers and computer engineers have taken on an even greater role in ensuring security is at its highest level possible. One way they do it is through quality engineering services.

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Why should you choose Prilient for Quality engineering?

Skilled Developers

We have a highly skilled and talented professional who ensure to deliver top-notch solutions. Every tool is tested, tuned, and supported by our team of skilled experts. We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to businesses, which is why we use our years of experience with different industries to deliver a tailored solution for your business needs.

Save Money

Keeping your IT equipment and software updated with current versions is key to optimizing your technology performance. Whatever your reason, no matter how small or large your company is (or if you’re managing it all yourself), we provide high-quality quality engineering service that is completely worth it for you.


We will be in contact with you throughout your project and we are available for questions, concerns, and feedback any time during or after your project. Our responsiveness is a top priority of ours. We’ll make sure you’re getting what you want and that you know where we are in your project at all times.

On-time Delivery

It is one of our prime objectives to deliver your web or mobile applications on time. we don’t compromise with quality, but we also keep in mind that deadlines are an essential part of any project. It is one of our prime objectives to deliver your web or mobile applications on time. we don’t compromise with quality, but we also keep in mind that deadlines are an essential part of any project.

Support and Maintenance

Technology is a moving target, which means it’s essential for you to have someone supporting and maintaining your software. At Prilient, we offer 24/7 support services with real people who will help you sort out any issues that come up. We’ll be there whenever you need us, so there’s no such thing as an inconvenient hour—or day!