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Get a full-cycle backend development service that ensures to develop top-notch, secure, reliable, robust, and efficient solutions

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Backend development service

Transform your business capabilities with a full-cycle Back-end Development service

Backend development is used to develop a reliable, strong, robust, and efficient backend of your software or application that ultimately improves user experience, revenue, security, and performance. With this, you can easily manage all the information you have stored in your databases and get the information you need quickly and easily.

Prilient offers a full-cycle Backend development service to run your software or application smoothly under any condition. Our developer has years of experience and enough knowledge about various languages like .NET, Java, PHP, Python, Laravel, etc. We ensure to deliver a top-notch, secure, cross-platform, reliable, and efficient solution with maintaining your privacy.

Process we Follow

To reduce the risk of failure, we follow a simple roadmap that you can read below!

Understand your business requirement

Our team carefully understands your business goal, objective, and vision. We also analyze market requirements, competitors' strategies, and data to develop a great solution.

Create a roadmap

Now our developers and other member make a clear-cut roadmap for completing a project from starting to launching. Also, provide full transparency to the client about time, project, and cost.

Hiring and development

Now, we distribute a particular task to a particular member based on planning. Our trusted developers will complete it as soon as possible and you can monitor all the progress.

Usability Testing

After development, we apply usability testing that helps to identify bugs, challenges, and security issues.

Delivery and Support

Now we deliver your solution and provide complete support if you need any changes in it.

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Backend development Service
we offer

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NodeJS Development

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Python Development

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Laravel Development

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Symfony Development

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Java Development

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Advantage of getting Backend
Development service

Better user experience
Better user experience

If your site or app’s back end isn’t fast, secure and scalable, users will find other applications that are. So for a great user experience consider having quality in everything including the Backend development process.

Security in check
Security in check

Backend development is where you need to ensure that there’s no lapse in security as it can lead to disastrous results. It is essential to hire experts who are aware of all such risks and can address them accordingly.

Excellent functionality
Excellent functionality

Most companies hire freelance developers because they do not have sufficient internal resources to handle a project. it is likely that you will receive better work from an employee with a vested interest in their company’s success and future.


We are looking for a team of Backend Developers to create scalable backend and API which can easily be integrated into existing web applications and mobile applications. Scalability in every business is one of the very important factors

time to market
Reduce cost and time to market

Backend development services are more affordable and faster than full-fledged products. Since they use existing technology, costs are significantly reduced. You also get to leverage mature technologies with a proven track record of success.


When you outsource your backend development to a company like Enigma Infotech, it’s not only cost-effective but also effective. The team will develop content management systems (CMS) and sites that are SEO-friendly.

We Promise. We Deliver.

Why choose Prilient for
Backend Development Service?


The Prilient development team uses top-notch technologies like Node.js, MongoDB, and Redis to deliver incredible quality. These technologies are easy to use and make web development a breeze. In addition, our developers take pride in their work and will go above and beyond to ensure that your project is completed on time.


At Prilient, we offer full transparency. From showing you our work to giving you access to it via FTP or Git, you know what’s going on at all times. You can even see who’s working on your project and when they started. And if you have any queries about your project, just ask! We’re here to help.


Customization plays a vital role in the development of the mobile applications. Every client expects a different type of functionality and UI/UX approach, but with Prilient you will get exactly what you want. Our experts will ensure that our developers use appropriate tools to provide high-level customizations for your app. We are providing customized mobile applications according to clients' needs.


When you work with Prilient, our team will have your back. We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service that keeps you informed and updated at every step of your project. Our customer support channels are open to all clients 24/7, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have about custom development services.

Deliver on time
Deliver on time

Backend development services are more affordable and faster than full-fledged products. Since they use existing technology, costs are significantly reduced. You also get to leverage mature technologies with a proven track record of success.


If your services or product are not delivered on time, then your customer will never trust you. On-time delivery and execution give a clear idea to the customer that they are dealing with a professional company. It also builds trust between both parties. It’s important for every business to deliver products or services on time. You can also use it as a competitive edge over other industry companies.

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