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The Impact Of Product Packaging On Branding

Product Packaging
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There are several factors that contribute to the brand’s success. Among all of these, product packaging plays a pivotal role. It is the first thing a buyer sees during his purchase, so it should reflect that particular brand’s value, its objectives, and its unique identification. 

As we are advancing in Industrial Revolution 4.0, pictographic experience is worth a lot, and it exemplifies that product design and product packaging are crucial for growth. This is the phase where product design services, propelled by professional product designers, come into picture. 

In this blog, we will find out the relationship between product packaging and branding, what value it adds, and how influential designs crafted by our designing team with specific product design services can excel a brand to new heights. 

Significance of Product Packaging In Branding 

The commercial market is filled with a huge number of products in every category and region. Hence Consumers have a flood of choice and there a well-designed product with its first solid impression stands out among them.  

Effective Product packaging is more than just an aesthetically pleasing compilation. It actually can be termed as the silent ambassador of the product which silently conveys the brand’s identity, quality and value. 

The value of this first impression enhances with our product design services. Our designers believe that with our focus on visually appealing designs and integrated product packaging we always prioritize creating a strong brand identity. 

Hence With Good Product Packaging We Help Brands in;

  1. Brand Recognition

  2. Differentiation From Competitors

  3. Strong Brand Presence 

  4. Positive Influencing

  5. Fostering Consumer Loyalty

Product Design Services and Their Role

In layman terms, product design services are used by designers to blend user needs with business goals to help companies in their product’s branding. Effective product designing services recognize importance of 

seamless user experience, brand’s commitment and customer satisfaction.

Our experts understand this complex balance between aesthetics, serviceability and brand messaging. From ideation to conceptualization and then execution they craft product’s visual identity with the use of product designing services. 

Prominent Product Design Services 

UX/UI Design Services: UX/UI product design services are used to craft flawless and visually stunning product experiences. This comprises UX design for seamless functionality and UI for exquisite presentation. 

When you want your product to look different from others, it becomes imperative to have the assistance of a good UX/UI design team. Our UX/UI experts, through their interactive visual design and aesthetic integration, make sure that the product looks as good as it works. This fosters an eye-pleasing experience for consumers. 

App Design Services: An ideally designed app is the one which provides a backthrust to your product. By having a seamless, cutting-edge user experience, your app will have the convincing power to attract users towards your products, which will also benefit its branding. 

With multiple years of experience, our app designers emphasize the comprehensive intersection of usability and accessibility to increase the overall functionality of the app for an optimized experience for mobile and other device users. 

Web design services involve the creation and optimization of a fully functional website. A visually appealing website requires a compilation of excellent graphics, attractive color schemes, and engaging layouts. 

The skilled expertise of our professionals, from coding to crafting visuals, puts efforts into effective typography and design, contributing to a seamless web experience that beholds visitors. 

How Product Design Services Help Brands

Product packaging accounts for about one-third of the customer’s decision making process. Other than that, if a brand's design isn't distinctive, it will be lost in the plethora of rival products. To eliminate such shortcomings and make the brand visually stunning Our Product Design services helps brands by:

  1. Adding artwork into Product Design to make people remember your brand 

  2. Attention to marginal but significant details

  3. Association of impactful message with the brand  

  4. Tailored designs according to market trends 

  5. Conveying commitment of brands towards society 

Case Studies Related To Successful Product Packaging

Multiple brands have tasted success due to the powerful impact of product packaging on branding. Three of them are;

  1. Apple, a super tech giant, has effectively exemplified its commitment to innovation and design excellence through its sleek product packaging. 

  2. Coca-Cola, with its world-famous red packaging, has a unique worldwide recognition impact that has helped it grow immensely.

  3. Parle-G Biscuits, with its iconic young girl on the yellowish packaging, has been present in Indian households for decades.

These three examples have shown that a product with influencing and appealing packaging is considered to have higher values. 

The same effect can be generated by our professional product design services, which can improve the distinguished value of your product by designing a packaging that conveys quality, durability, and interactive adaptability. 


The impact of the product packaging on branding is not limited to aesthetics; it is an inclusive approach that drives consumer perception. So uniformity from the logo to the proper color scheme is essential for a brand's image and its recognizable visual identity.

Our effective use of product design services ensures that your product is not just a product but a significant part of the consumer's journey. 

At Prilient, our skilled designers, through appropriate product design services, develop packaging that not only stands out among others but also resonates with the target users of the brand. 

Interesting Facts about Product Packaging and Branding 

  1. The psychological impact of colors plays a very important role in consumer’s decision making. For example, red depicts excitement, while green represents that the product is eco-friendly or good for one's health.

  2. The elegant style of text over packaging represents luxury, while bold, non-italic fonts depict a modern approach to the product.

  3. Unconventional shapes with minimalist design is the latest trend going on. It is eye-catching and defines a standout perception of the product. For example; Cylindrical-shaped packaging of Pringles 

  4. The use of holograms and QR codes for the verification of a product’s authenticity alleviates trust among customers and increases the selling chances of the product by 40%.

  5. Businesses that pay keen attention to their product packaging often report a 30% increase in customer interest.

  6. The use of a relatable logo on the product packaging can drive the popularity of the brand in multiple ways. For example, the use of the swoosh by Nike in their logo perfectly represents speed and motion.

  7. Specifically, placing your company’s logo on a fixed spot signifies stability and makes it easy for customers to find a new range of similar brands. Example: product packaging of Maggi and its allied range. 

  8. The narrated experience of a customer associated with the product on the packaging inhibits a feeling of relatable connection. This enhances brand loyalty. For example; Amazon cardboard packaging design which tells stories of makers and vendors.


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