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Emerging Cyber Security Threats Of 2024: How to Safeguard Your Business

Emerging Cyber Security Threats
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The rapid advancement and expansion of the digitally driven world have also increased threats related to cyber crimes across all kinds of businesses. As mentioned by Forbes in their report, the average cost of data breaches worldwide was more than 7 billion dollars in 2023. 

As we know, cyber attacks are responsible for the loss of valuable time, resources, and brand reputation for businesses.

But now, their evolution has posed a serious challenge for businesses to stay vigilant about safeguarding their important data resources. 

In this piece of blog we’ll discuss the top 8 most emerging cyber security threats that can cause significant harm to your business in the coming years. 

But you can keep your digital defense strong with our advanced threat proof cyber-security services meticulously designed for such ever-evolving hazards. 

The current cybersecurity landscape 

Data infiltration has always been a serious cyber concern for different working organizations. As technology transforms, cybercriminals are exploring new approaches, developing new threats to derail your organizational systems by exploiting their hidden vulnerabilities. 

The incidents and intensity of cyber-hazards are continuously marching upward, resulting in the emergence of new cybersecurity threats. Let’s get knowledge about some of them.

Rising Cyber Security Threats: Top Emerging Hazards For Industry 

Threats Generated Due To AI: The robust advancement of artificial intelligence has enabled cyber criminals to speed up attacks by leveraging the power of AI to create suitable narratives like deep-fake credentials, morphed images, tempered audios, etc. that can circumvent your security systems and cause malicious effects. 

Ransomware 2.0: It is a major upgrade in the traditional ransomware threat, where now cyber criminals, even after getting ransom, create a menace by exposing the stolen confidential data on the open server, which can result in serious damage to your company's reputation. 

IOT Affiliated Threats: IOT devices give unprecedented connectivity in the business system, but they can also provide a huge ground for cyber attacks as hackers can take access to your poorly protected device and can steal personal credentials with other sensitive information. 

Cloud Misconfiguration: Cloud solutions enable seamless data storage and unmatched scalability options for your business; however, they also open the scope of vulnerabilities due to insider errors, misconfigured authorizations, bugged software, etc., which can even cause permanent data loss.

Supply Chain Attacks: Cybercriminals have now started to attack vendor software to disrupt or gain access to the supply chain on which your business relies. Through this disruption, they can compromise and infiltrate the interconnected system with ease. 

Spear/Whale Phishing: This is used to take advantage of human vulnerability by impersonating prominent individuals in your organization to gain confidential information, install bugs in the system, download malicious software, etc. 

Zero Day Exploitation with APT: When cyber criminals target susceptibilities in the system’s software that are unknown to your vendor, it results in zero-day exploitation. 

Attackers are now combining it with the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), which can penetrate a network of systems to cause critical damage to the digital setup of your business.

Shadow IT: It happens when an employee works on software that is not authorized by the company to be used. It is called one of the most impulsive dangers in recent times, as it can expose complete information about your company to hackers in no time. 

 As these cyber threats can cause severe complications in the complex system of your business, the need for robust and comprehensive cyber security services is paramount. 

Here, we accept this challenge and deliver top-notch and affordable cyber security solutions that keep your business’ digital arena proactive with advantages like;

  1. Advanced Threat Intelligence 

  2. Swift Access Control 

  3. Multi-Layered Security Mechanism 

  4. On-time Security fees 

  5. User behavior Analytics 

  6. Employees Awareness Training 

Partnering with us can help your business be vigilant with our customized and highly efficient cyber security services. 

Our Cyber Security Services: Solutions For Modern Threats 

Intrusion Detection System 

  1. We provide an intrusion detection service powered by AI, primarily used for detecting AI deviations in your system that can be a sign of ar potential threat. 

  2. We use technology in front of technology, as our AI-powered system identifies any AI-driven malicious activity performed by cyber criminals and sabotages it before it does any damage to your business. 

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) 

  1. Our EDR service is best suited for real-time detection and mitigation of end-point threats, which include all kinds of ransomware. 

  2. We perform behavioral analysis, endpoint isolation, and integrate threat intelligence into your system with our EDR solution. This helps your system identify any potential ransomware patterns or separate endpoints to minimize the attack. 

IOT Security Monitoring

  1. You can prevent all kinds of attacks on your IOT embedded system with our incredibly effective IOT security monitoring service. 

  2. With this service, we provide specific access control, data encryption, and regular assessments to tackle threats to your interconnected system that can arise due to poor built-in security features. 

Cloud Security Assessment 

  1. We perform a comprehensive assessment of your cloud framework to mitigate any potential hazards to your data with our cloud security services

  2. Our cyber experts evaluate your cloud infrastructure settings to ensure compliance with the best security parameters. This helps you maintain the safety and integrity of your data. 

Supply Chain Security Service

  1. This service was specially developed by our experts to protect your supply chain from any kind of cyber attack, which can be caused by third-party vendors. 

  2. For this, our cyber security team performs vendor assessment, incident response, and remediation functions. 

Identity And Access Management 

  1. We provide customizable user access management to ensure the right person gets access to your appropriate system, mitigating the risk of phishing attacks on your network.

  2. Our anti-spoofing system performs email authentication, which can detect impersonation and help prevent attacks. 

Penetration Testing & Assessment

  1. Our experts do proactive and ethical cyber attacks on your system to assess the security and eliminate threats like zero-day exploitation. 

  2. For this, we employ upgraded technologies like ML algorithms and network traffic analysis with advanced threat detection. 

Security Awareness Training

  1. We empower your workforce and secure your organization’s data with our sincerely designed training programs strictly focused on mitigating modern threats like shadow IT, account hijacking, etc. 

To Conclude 

Technology can’t stop the threat landscape from evolving, but it can surely minimize or eliminate the impacts caused by such threats on your organizational system. 

With Prilient, your business setup will get the support of skilled and experienced cyber security professionals who are experts in limiting any cyber damage by streamlining the process from reporting to resolving the issue. 

Don’t wait till the hackers find you. Contact our cyber experts and boost your cyber security like never before. 


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